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Image by Viva Luna Studios

In this 10 week intensive program, not only will you learn the secrets of the tarot, but you'll feel a confidence shift too!

       Your Higher level of consciousness, or Superconscious is your direct connection to God. It differs from our thoughts in the sense that it is our ability to "just know" without thinking, or hear without ears. We all have access to it (but much like diet and exercise) very few embark on the journey to pursue enLIGHTENment. (see what I did there? en lighten? like loose weight? haha, anyways.)














Utilizing The Tarot provides a shortcut to our subconscious that sheds light onto our physical reality. This allows the ability to tap into the natural language your superconscious speaks; In pictures. These pictures/feelings are processed in the mind creating mental activity. Whats that mean? That means because we operate our brain from the scope of site we are currently in alignment with, it's super hard to distinguish our thoughts verses our superconscious "tap ins." This course is more than just learning the cards... its learning/ unlearning yourself. It is IMPERATIVE that we heal ourselves and do our shadow work before continuing on with a Tarot practice. ESPECIALLY a professional one.

Lets get real.. I mean, REALLY REAL... Are you happy right now? What Beliefs do you have about your current circumstances that you need a real call to action on? FIX YOUR SHIT with that being said, Tarot is a great way to do that, but until you're ok with yourself trigger-wise, emotionally & financially, Tarot IS NOT the quick fix to make a buck. Doing Tarot for the wrong reasons can open you up to negative karmic feedback, holdups, sickness, loss, pain and suffering. Sound scary? It is! So come with a pure heart &open mind. When you operate from a place of gratitude, peace and love there is nothing to be worried about...

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