The Goddess Embodiment Intensive is a 7 week advanced mentorship where we will be submersing  you into an innovative and diverse system of blending astrological concepts, group coaching and intensive shadow work to unmask the Goddess within. Through our unique hands-on approach, You’ll receive face-to-face guidance; equipping you with tools to consciously shift your mindset and the methodology to apply what you’re learning (in real time) so that you retain the knowledge as you go!  Your Goddess identity will become apparent as you start to recognize latent powers through personal empowerment, self actualization, confidence and personal responsibility  in the wake of  your unique celestial design!

It's imperative on this journey  to feel safe and supported so we created a space where Goddesses from all  walks of life can come together and join forces! Create lifelong friendships while healing the past by reframing and reprocessing experiences that have left us with energetic dirt through Astro-shadow pinpointing, both individually and with the goddess collective.  Clearing energetic debris allows you to connect deeper, identify your intuition and access the discernment you've been needing to  cut ties that don't serve your highest good.



Understanding self through my astrology 

  • Identifying innately inapparent  suppressed forces  (inherent motivations,desires, dreams abilities) 

  • Identifying innately inapparent  active forces  (inherent motivations,desires, dreams abilities) 

  • Identifying where these forces clash and support each other and the ways this impacts our quality of life

  • Discovering your “life response” (your subsconicios strategy;how you play the game of life)

  • Too much to write.

Develop Astro skills:  

  • Understanding astrological concepts,

  • Basic natal chart reading, 

  • Elemental values & Sign modes

  • Relevance of  planetary movements & influences

Mind Mastery techniques: 

  • Neutral observation

  • fact vs. interpretation

  •  Codependency struggles

  •  emotional regulation

  •  identifying triggers

  •  stress tolerance 

  • Confidence 

The Goddess Embodiment Program combines Shadow Integration Coaching and Astrological Blueprint Analysis for those seeking to deepen their understanding, purpose, and how to get out of their own way!!

Course Weekly Objectives & Breakdown 

5/12/2021Week 1: Initiation & Open Discussion

Weve all been a servant to our past experiences and conditioning. How can we be inspired to change our Cinderella story and stop playing secondary rolls when our position is the main character.


  • The struggle with self identity and worthiness

  • Who have you identified yourself as

  • How has your past defined how you see yourself today

  • What is a Goddess and why am I worthy of it

  • What do you picture, if you describe your personal Goddess design? 


5/28/2021 Week 2: Astrological Approach

Through your unique Astrology, we analyze the primal makeup presented in your chart and identify through your specific design the pre-existing needs, patterns, cosmic influences and perceptions based on your time of birth. Exploring the elemental values comprised in your energetic layout sheds light on your passivity, activity and inactive influences that perpetuate ease and dis-ease within this learning experience. Understanding your astrological blueprint facilitates the ability to capitalize on your energy and govern your experience with confidence so you can take advantage of your self evolution at its highest frequency. It's nice to see strong woman that are living their best life, but now is the time to stop living through them and start creating evidence that you are more than worthy of success, love and everything you've desired but felt impossible. When you are cognizant of accessible energy and influences such as planetary placements, houses, and the way they interact, you can dissect the way you are currently utilizing them to reveal energetic hold ups, hurdles & highlights on strengths innate in your subconscious... Whether suppressed, unconscious, or that of which we acknowledge and are aware; when you dont deny your totality, you open up the ability to integrate all aspects of the shadow creating the deepest sense of self.    

Identifying Your Divine Suppressed Energy 

Looking back on your life, you realize now that your choices can change everything. You might have inadvertently created self sabotaging road blocks for yourself in the past. But you are ready to shake things up, create your own destiny, and rewrite your story. There is a reason you feel like there is more to this life; you are not alone! You have purpose…. You are more powerful than you realize. I realize that i have a consistent pattern of self sabotageI’m growing impatient with the things and people that remind me that i am not where i want to be.Where do i start? I need to do something to further myself now Rebellion within starting to come through as almost impatience. Ready for something to happen. Stir the pot… shake things upResponse: There is a reason you feel like there is more to this life; you are not alone! You have purpose…. You are more powerful than you realize. 


6/5/2021 Week 4: Breakdown the Conditioning 

-Pinpoint how events, experiences, and mentality have clouded choices, reactions, and identity build for yourself

-Recognizing the lessons and blessings 

*Self Sabotage dig...


6/12/2021 Week 5: Processing Destructive Energy and Shadow Work 

-Pull from previous week (Self Sabotage) and look at astrological ways we block our shadow work.

-Ways to pivot the energy and perspective to Self Love, Acceptance, and creating healthy subconscious patterns.


6/19/2021 Week 6: Mindful Embodiment 

-Group activity: Auric Mindfulness Awareness 

-Visualization (different methods)

-Manifestation process & intent 

*Open discussion embodiment response


6/26/2021 Week 7: Goddess Graduation & SEDONA, AZ Retreat 

-Class Retreat (all expense paid with other Goddess graduates) 

-Presentation of Goddess Archetype and personal Goddess Stone 

-Meet your tribe and bond while relaxing & having fun on a 3 night/4day getaway.


Goddess Embodiment Retreat & Course

$4,444.44 Regular Price
$2,222.22Sale Price