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Meet Your Teacher

     Whats up! Dina Brass here, everybodys favorite Tarot teacher and Life Coach with the intuitive approach! Im so glad youve taken the time out to check me out a bit! I have developed a very successful Tarot business reading for thousands of beautiful souls from all around the world but it wasnt always that way! From homeless to hustler; I have taken myself on a journey of finding myself through falling on my face, giving away my power, and trying to control all the peices, people and circumstances that were 100% out of my control. My path has been less than conventional, it is all of those experiences and reprocessing the roll I played in those experiences that have made me who I am... Recognizing my formula for survival lead me to learn how to turn my pain into passion and help people all over the world!

      For so long I've felt resistance from teaching tarot, for the same reason occult knowledge has been kept secret for ages... Power. The notion that man has the ability to dictate the energy of which he possesses is the conception that there is intentional choice on the forces one chooses (light or dark) when harnessing their power. Basically, you can fuck someones life up intentionally, unintentionally or even with the best intentions. Karma for the Spiritual Practitioner is much greater because we have a responsibility to ourselves and the people who seek us for guidance. Its for this exact reason that I didn't want to share my knowledge, because as a teacher, we have a responsibility to make sure we are preparing our students properly, but also careful with whom we take on as pupils. I promise to set you up with everything I know, the ins and outs, the dos and the dont dos..

Learn Tarot Dina Brass

What you do with the knowledge you receive from this class is your responsibility. I can not take responsibility for your intentions, growth, awareness, successes or mishaps. So with that; I'm letting the pressure I've put on myself go... Now knowing what I know, and feeling how I feel, it would be irresponsible as your teacher/ mentor/ coach (whatever you want to call me) to not give you something to help you (as best as I can) sort out the baggage that (we all) you come with..  here we are! Learning tarot is more than just feeling comfortable with the cards... Learning yourself is a huge aspect. In this 10 week course, we will be uncovering things about ourselves that we can use as intuitive fuel to fully embrace our intuition & connect to our highest sense of self If Im going to be transparent, Ive only been a Professional Tarot Reader for 3 years! Can you believe that? Oct 4th 2017 I created Universal Vibrations Tarot and Advisory, and that is why I decided to name my Tarot school "Universal Vibrations Tarot Academy."

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